Cloud-based Attendance Management System Touch On Time

Does your business face these types of problems?

  • Accountant


    Performing time card calculations is a hassle.We also need to reduce operating costs.

  • Head Office Manager

    Head Office Manager

    Unable to check attendance data for all locations at once.

  • Employee


    Seems difficult to operate time recorder terminals and computers. I would like to use an attendance system using my mobile phone or smartphone.

  • Eliminate the need for troublesome time card calculation work!

    The system quickly and easy performs time card calculations using data entered, eliminating the need for humans to perform complex calculations involving numerous amounts of time cards.

    Free initial user costs results in lower costs!

    The only initial cost is the cost for each time recorder terminal. In addition, there are no system upgrade or support service costs to worry about. This make it possible to set up and operate the system at low cost.

    Can be used together with various types of software used for salary calculations!

    Data from Touch On Time can be imported in CSV format to the Payroll software that your company currently uses.

  • Touch On Time allows you to check attendance data for all locations at once.

    Our system allows you to check attendance information for all stores and offices in real time. In addition to attendance information for the current day and month, you can also check past daily work information and monthly work calculation information.

    Create shifts for employees
    Also makes it easy to handle paid leave and overtime requests

    Our system easily allows you to create and manage work shifts. In addition, shift plans are displayed together with actual hours worked which is useful for estimating labor costs.

  • Eliminate the need for troublesome time card calculation work!

    Our time recorder terminal a stand-alone type(No PC required).
    This terminal provides simple and intuitive operation.

    Allows employees to clock in while out on business using a mobile phone or smartphone!

    Our system allows sales employees who are often out on business to easily clock in and out using a mobile phone or smartphone.

Three features of the cloud-based Touch On Time Attendance Management System

  • Top share
    of the market
    in Japan

    Touch On Time has acquired top share of the cloud-based attendance management system market.

    Used by over 380,000 people because of its convenience and simplicity which results in continued use over time.

  • Low Price

    For low price, customers are provided with an attendance management solution as well as a variety of other functions, such as a function used for creating shifts.

    Customers can rest assured knowing that no extra fees will be charged for optional functions.

  • Complete support system

    It is said that the introduction of attendance management systems is difficult compared to the introduction of other types of systems.

    With this in mind, we provide a complete support system for Touch On Time, from system introduction to operation.

Function List

  • Clock In/Out

    Clock In/Out

  • Schedule Request

    Schedule Request

  • Request Approval

    Request Approval

  • Automatic Attendance Calculation

    Automatic Attendance Calculation

  • Real-time Management

    Real-time Management

  • Group Setting Capabilities

  • Shift Management

    Shift Management

  • Attendance Record Creation

    Attendance Record Creation

  • Biometric Authentication

    Biometric Authentication

  • IC Card Authentication

    IC Card Authentication

  • Web Browser based Clock In/Out

    Web Browser based Clock In/Out

  • Mobile Clock In/Out

    Mobile Clock In/Out

  • Salary Software Compatibility

    Salary Software Compatibility

  • Paid Leave Management

    Paid Leave Management

  • Global Compatibility

    Global Compatibility

  • System Updates

    [Free] System Updates

  • Support

    [Free] Support

Touch On Time is a specialized system for attendance management. Accordingly, it provides a variety of functions related to attendance management. The wide array of functions allow the system to flexibly correspond to any type of attendance parameters given.
All the functions offerd at a low price.

For detailed price information, please contact us.

Original Time Recorder "Touch On Time Recorder".


Our Touch On Time Recorder is a high-performance,
low-cost time recorder that can be installed in any type of environment.

The time recorder for our proprietary Touch On Time attendance management system.

As of 2013, approximately 67% of companies that use the Touch On Time attendance management system use the Touch On Time Recorder since it is very much like a time card based time recorder and is easy to use.

Most popular time recorder among businesses of different sizes, industry types, and categories.

Point1. Three Methods Available for Clocking In and Out

Three different methods can be selected for clocking in and out.

The Touch On Time Recorder offers three different methods for clocking in and out: A fingerprint authentication method, an IC card method, or password method (both employee ID and password are entered). These methods can be used in conjunction. This means that the system can be set up so that some users are only allowed to clock in/out using fingerprint authentication while others are allowed to use either the IC card or password method.

This system is perfect for companies that didn't purchase an attendance management system due to poor biometric authentication rates of existing systems, and companies that are considering using different authentication methods for different employees.

Accurate biometric authentication provided by our time recorder also helps prevent misuse of the system.

Recommended for

  • Companies that wish to provide multiple methods for clocking in/out
  • Companies that have employees that somehow cannot be verified via fingerprint authentication

Point2. No computer required

The Touch On Time Recorder is a rare type of time recorder that can be used without being connected to a computer.

The Touch On Time Recorder can be used without being connected to a computer.

Most time recorders used by attendance management systems are connected to computers via USB connections, meaning that they always need a computer connected in order to operate. Therefore, there are many cases where companies do not purchase these products because of security and durability issues related to also installing computers close to entrances where time recorders are normally located.

However, since our Touch On Time Recorder does not require a computer connection, it can be installed in any location or environment. This is why it is selected by many customers.

Recommended for

  • Companies that are concerned about security that do not want to place computers near time recorders (near entrances)
  • Businesses that want a time recorder but do not want to place a computer near it since there is a kitchen located close to the installation location.
  • Medical facility representatives that around the clock operation of computers is inconvenient (cannot be shut down since staff clock in and out of such facilities 24 hours a day).

System Introduction Examples

Touch On Time has acquired top share of the cloud-based attendance management system market in Japan.

Used at more than 5,000 companies by more than 380,000 people.

User interview

Allows us to check the attendance status of employees in a timely manner for smoother management, resulting in increased business efficiency.

Once the attendance management system was introduced at our company, we were able to check attendance status information for all employees and check part-time hourly pay information in a timely manner which immediately increased business efficiency.

A attendance management system with shift creation capabilities

Since it is very easy to create shifts with the system, it has reduced the amount of time required for that task. The system is very helpful because it allows us to check paid leave and shift information at a glance.

Low system cost has resulted in reduced indirect labor costs

Due to the fact that there were virtually no initial system introduction costs and because running costs are low, our indirect labor costs were reduced.

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